Exploring the Detroit Sound with Unruly and Stainboy Skatty | Sinners Podcast - Video

????️In this episode of the Sinners Podcast, we sit down with two influential Birmingham artists, Unruly and Stainboy S. Join us as we dive into the world of drill music and the new Detroit sound that’s ????making waves in the city.

Unruly, a returning guest, brings Stainboy S, aka Skatty, from the Stainboys crew based in Castle Vale. We explore their musical journey, influences, and the impact of the Detroit sound on Birmingham’s youth.????

We also touch on recent news, including the female officer caught in a scandalous relationship with an inmate, ????and discuss broader cultural and musical influences shaping the industry.

Tune in for an engaging conversation filled with insights into the music scene, the challenges, and the aspirations of these talented artists.????

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