EP280: Michael Rubin’s July 4th party, Bhad Bhabie Post Video of Her Being Physically Abused. - Video

Lead Stories:
1:20 Michael Rubin’s all white July 4th party.
6:02 Bhad Bhabie post video & pics of her being physically abused.
9:00 Lil Druk’s 10 year old son shoots his step father.

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Quick News:
11:35 Busta Rhymes goes off on the crowed at his concert.
15:23 Hulk Hogan accused of being racist.

Question of the day:
18:46 What brand thinks its luxury but it’s not?
25:23 Who is a celebrity nobody can make you hate.

Sports News:
29:08 Anthony Edwards says he’s the number option on team USA.

31:25 Last Take.

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Bhad Bhabie
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